Travel to Bordeaux For Your Next Holiday and Have a Really Nice Time in a Really Beautiful Place

Friday, April 27, 2012
Located close in the European country of France on the Atlantic coast is the city of Bordeaux. It is 500 km southwest of Paris and is built on a bend of the river Garonne. One of the newest trends for vacationers to this locations is the use of Bordeaux car hire. The industry is really growing because car hire Bordeaux is one of the cheapest ways to travel the area. Europe is really well connected by trains, but they are actually more expensive than car hire. You can really save some money with car hire Bordeaux.

The city is divided into two parts, the right bank to the east and left bank is in the west. Bordeaux is a port city and is known for its world class wines. Wines are being produced in this area since the eighth century. If you love wine this place is for you go towards the Vinorama, the wine museum devoted to only wine. Visitors here can find one of the most expensive wines produced from this area and have a taste of the local flavor. Why Bordeaux is known as a class wine producing city can be gauged by the fact that the city has 287,000 acres of vineyards, 10,000 wine-producing chateaux, 57 appellations, and 13,000 grape growers.

You will have no trouble finding the attractive places of Bordeaux, because it is known as the "City of Art and History". The outstanding urban and architectural ensemble, puts the historic part of the city on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Enjoy all of the historic buildings, museums and sightseeing opportunities. There are several great places to have a picnic or an afternoon retreat to the park, of maybe some golfing is in your plans. One of the best shopping areas is the Rue Sainte-Catherine. This shopping street is 1.2 kilometers and also has several restaurants. This area is touted as one of the longest shopping streets in Europe. Go all the way down the street and you will come to la Comedie and the nearby Cours de I'lntendance where the shops become high class.

Bordeaux has several churches like Saint-Michel, which is one of the main landmarks in Bordeaux. The church and its bell tower were constructed at the end of the XV century. Its steeple, 114 meters, is the second tallest in France. Saint Seurin and the Cathedrale-Saint-Andre. Explore Bordeaux, Porte de Bourgogne historic place; you can cover this tour within one day. The 'Porte de Bourgogne' is at the end of the Victor Hugo Avenue. On its left is 'Quartier de la Rousselle', with its middle age houses, on its right is the 'Quarter Saint-Michel.'