Nice Travel

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Nice is one of France's trendiest winter vacation spots, and for good reason. The mixture of fashion, history, and modernity is almost second to none, with skyscrapers bordering buildings that are remnants of not only Nice's Roman past but also of its Greek ancestry. The west side of Nice is a mountainous terrain while the east side extends to the Mediterranean Sea. Nice's old town, Vieux Nice, is clustered at the foot of the mountains, specifically the hill of Le Le Château. The district of Vieux Nice ends at the River Paillon. On the other side of the city is Nice's seafront district, distinguished by des Anglais, the street that ends at the city's airport. Masséna, the city's center, is the city's modern district. Finally, the northern half of the city is the locations of the Cimiez suburbs.

Sightseeing Attractions

One of the most-visited attractions in Nice is Castle Park, the ruined castle and surrounding gardens that sit near the city's harbor. Visitors can climb the stairs of the ruined castle for a striking view of the city. There are three museums in Nice that are worth visiting, including the Musee Chagall, the Musee Matisse, and the Musee et Site Archeologiques de Cimiez. The old town of Vieux Nice is also a great place to stroll around and view some of the best still-standing Greek and Roman architecture in the country.


Dining in Nice is one of the city's biggest attractions, with restaurants serving two main cuisines: those that are obviously Italian-influenced and those that include fresh fish from the Mediterranean. Vineux Nice is a great place to shop for restaurants -- the streets are filled with a wealth of dining choices from snacking to upscale dining. The port quaysides are the best places for finding fresh-fish restaurants, but they're often very pricey. For a night on the town, Vieux Nice is also a great place to find a cozy bar or pub. The city's clubs are scattered mostly around Masséna, but visitors should be prepared to be declined admission occasionally. Nice's clubs are among those in the world that keep a "list" that is upheld by a discriminating bouncer who guards the red rope that bars or allows club access.


Every year, Nice hosts a festival season. The festivals begin in February with the Mardi Gras celebration and move through the last week of July with the city's Jazz Festival. These festivals bring a lot of people to the city, so be prepared to deal with a lot of traffic. However, the festivals can be an enjoyable experience, so you may want to see if any are planned during the time that you'll be on vacation in Nice.