Travel Guide to Nice

Friday, April 20, 2012
For fun in the warm sun and azure sea, Nice could be the place to be. It offers of locations as nice as its namesake like the des Anglais and the Bay of Angels. Nice has spots for folk who really like design, history and museums too.

With anything that has to do with the seashore, the Blue Beach gives every day packed with pleasure and thrill for any kid mainly because it is provided with a play ground. It has got something for the smaller ones like a swimming pool detailed with slides. Beaches with pebbles and not sand is also unique to Nice. The Plage Publique des Ponchettes is lined with both non-public and public beaches peppered here and there with restaurants, showers and changing rooms.
One of Nice's architectural wonders is the Cathedrale Orthodoxe Russe St-Nicolas. It was built between 1902 and 1912 but in the 17th century Russian style with 6 onion-domed roofs. It's the biggest cathedral outside Russia.

The Eglise Notre lady is attached to the Monastere Notre dame de Cimiez that has an amazing 17th century baroque style altar. Artwork by the medieval artist Louis Brea is also displayed here. The Monastere itself has the cemetery where the famous Henri Matisse was buried. At the entrance to the cemetery, you will see his grave is inscribed with the words sepulture Henri Matisse. At the Rue de la Prefecture, which is Nice's old main streets, the Palais de la Prefecture stands imposingly. It is home of the princes of Savoy in the 17th century.

For historic and heritage sites, the castle de l'Anglais is the pink coloured castle in all of Mont Boron when you look at it from Nice's port. It was built in 1859 by the only foreigner that lived in Nice the whole all year. The Tour Bellenda is a round tower that you can also see from the quai des Etats-Unis. It had been built in the 16th century and serves as a memory for the 12th century castle of the exact same name that was destroyed by Louis XIV in 1706. If you're more of a museumgoer, there are about 14 prominent galleries and studios to be found in Nice. You may either visit the Anatole Jakovsky international Nave Art Museum or the Musee des Beaux-Arts. Either way, your thirst for art and history will always be satisfied.

Weather: Temperature are mild in the town of Nice. The summer seasons are hot and dry with temperatures which are averaging in the 30's. Autumn is from the months of September to October where temperatures get cooler down to twenty degrees Celsius.

Transport: Travelling around Nice can either by bus, tram, auto, motorbike or taxi. Tickets are bought for the bus inside the bus itself. The trams of Nice are being reconditioned will soon be in full operational force. For car and motorbike rentals, there are lots of locations to make a choice from like Easy car, vacation Bikes, Budget or JML that have reasonable costs for the cars and motorcycles they rent out. If you opt to go around Nice in a taxi, just ensure that the driver is employing a meter and the fare rate is clearly posted on a laminated card.