Nice Travel Guide

Thursday, May 10, 2012
Nice is another city of France that is the quintessential example of beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing scenic views. The best part about Nice is that everyone has something to look forward to, be it senior citizens or the youth. This city has something to offer to anyone and everyone who takes the time to visit it.

Awe-inspiring Scenery

To get the finest view of the splendid landscapes of Nice, the best vantage point is the heights of Boron. Panoramic view of the city from this point is simply breathtaking. The abandoned old fort and the neighboring villa Sir Elton John also give one of the most impressive and irresistible views with which visitors get infatuated at once. The famous cactus garden and the majestic Villa ile de France are just one of numerous places from where you can get a flawless outlook of this glorious city.

Beautiful Beaches

If you somehow can get access to the private beaches then avail that option at all costs. If you are like any usual traveler with nothing more than a few dollars to spare for the purpose, avoid wasting time at the public beaches because neither do they provide relaxation nor comfort. In fact, the stones can only succeed in being an unpleasant experience for you. However, if you have developed an irrepressible desire to swim on the blue waters, then you can go ahead if you can tolerate the few stones under your feet.

Museums and Art Galleries

If you have been blessed with an ardor for places with historical knowledge or gifted with an ability of loving anything relating to history, then you will surely have a romantic liaison with these museums. Nice boasts of a good deal of museums. Nice is also a little high on aesthetic sense which is why it is the proud owner of a number of art galleries of international repute. A few of these museums and art galleries are Museum of Asian art, Parc Phoenix, Musee Chagall, Musee Matisse and Musee et Site Archeologiques de Cimiez.


The primarily important shopping street of Nice is also the abode of two majorly significant entertainment stores. The main shopping street is called av Jean Medecin and almost all the designer label garments are available here, and advantageously, a little cheaper than the rates offered all over Europe. Galleries Lafayette offers every single thing that a customer can have the audacity to demand.


You can choose whatever option is financially feasible and suitable for you according to your own individual preference. If you are in the mood to take pleasure from the water then go for boat. If you want to view the beautiful roads and greenery then you can select any road option you are comfortable with. Inter-city conveyance is mainly dependent on public transport such as trains. But, you also have the choice of opting for a car or taxi if you want to avoid the mayhem caused in public transports. If you are a zealous walker then you can also select the option of walking and having a look at the beauty around you. If for some reason, you are in the sporty mood, you can settle for the bike alternative.

A Word of Advice

Nice is the perfect city for romance, friendship and relationships. If you want to simply unwind, share a good time with your spouse, take a break from your work or just think over your past, Nice will be the exemplary destination for you with its glorious views and exceptionally beautiful scenery.